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 Adana Turkey Adana is situated in south-central Turkey on the bank of the Seyhan River on the Çukurova Plain. It is an agricultural and industrial center and one of Turkey's largest cities not known as being a tourism destination. Of course, that is changing as travelers discover its rich cultural and historical heritage. The city of Adana probably overlies a Hittite settlement that dates from 1400 BC. conquered by Alexander the Great around 335 BC. Adana's prosperity has long been derived from the fertile valleys behind it and its position as a waystation on the trade routes connecting Anatolia and the Arabian Peninsula - The Silk Route.

The name of Adana originates in mythology where it was said to have been founded by Adanus, the son of Cronus - the God of Weather. Its location in the heart of the fertile Çukurova Plain has always made Adana an essential city for many civilizations since the Hittites. The Seyhan River is spanned by the ancient Taskopru or Stone Bridge which was built by Hadrian and later restored by Justinian. On the west bank of Seyhan River at the corner of the Seyhan Bridge lies Sabancı Central Mosque - the most visited mosque in Adana and one of the largest mosques in the Middle East. The minarets of Sabancı Central Mosque can be seen from practically anywhere in the city.

Modern day Adana exhibits a diversity of natural beauty, historical remains, and a vibrant modern cultural presence with museums, art galleries, theater, festivals, music events and universities. And of course - it is home to the famous Adana Kebab and several other regional Turkish culinary delights.

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